Christmas Concert with SHCS

So after an immensely busy and successful week with the school production, the year 6 Chamber Choir had one more performance to do - singing with the Surrey Heath Choral Society (SHCS), along with three other schools, at their family Christmas Carol Concert.  The twelve children, all of whom had been heavily involved in the production, had also been learning several Carols to sing at this wonderful concert.  They turned up on Saturday full of enthusiasm and in very good voice.  After rehearsing the joint items with the choir and going through their own carols - Coventry Carol and Zither Carol we settled down to enjoy the concert.  The children did amazingly well when it was their turn to sing in front of the audience - including some of their parents!  They filled the hall with their gorgeous voices and after the concert I was told several times by members of the audience and SHCS that they were very impressed with the level of singing from the Crawley Ridge children.  I was incredibly proud of all the children that took part and thank them for all their hard work learning yet more words and music!  I would also like to thank the parents and staff that came along to support and watch the children and I hope they all enjoyed the concert as much as I did!  I'm looking forward to taking them out to sing and impress the local community again!!

Miss Davies

Year 5 River compositions

Year 5 spent the first half term of this year studying rivers.  In their music lessons we were looking at composing in Rondo form and I wanted the children to create a piece inspired by Smetana's Die Moldau, which follows the journey of the Vltava river, and also by their trip to Teddington Lock on the Thames.  The children explored the different parts of a river's journey, including rapids, passing through villages, serene night time moments and thought about how they could use the musical elements to create the pictures in the listener's head.  They used the percussion instruments in the classroom as well as some of their own instruments to create their pieces and included a melodic theme for their river which returns after each different section (therefore creating a rondo form for the piece).  I am very impressed with the children's work and want to share this so please listen to the pieces attached in this post!  See if you can work out the different parts of the river's journey! 

Miss Davies

Open Evening

Firstly, a big thank you to all the musicians and choir members who took part in our open evening last week.  The choir performed six songs from the past six decades in keeping with the jubilee theme. Each singer made an amazing sound with lots of enthusiasm and energy for what were seen to be fairly difficult songs - not for us crawley ridgers!

 It was also a real treat to wander round the school and hear children from across all year groups playing piano, guitar and flutes; some individually and some in groups.  All the children involved played with real confidence and there was a definite sense of enjoyment from the children, parents and staff. It added a really special feel to a very successful evening.